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We've made some changes to reopen safely

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We are opening this Saturday 4th July for members only. But if you're new to us, and you'd like to visit, membership is open to all new visitors. Details on how to join below.

We have thought long and hard on how to create a safe environment for people to socialise in. So have extended our beer garden across the car park to create divider screened pod seating, in line with 1 metre plus distancing rules. You can see a few photos here.

Opening times for week commencing 4th July: Weekdays 4pm - 12am Weekends 2pm - 12am

Opening times may be changed at a later date.

No under 18’s are allowed unless accompanied by an adult up to 9pm.


All existing members have had an extra two months added to their expiry date. And anyone wanting to sign up as a member are more than welcome. It is £15 annual membership (£7.50 for team members). This also entitles you to 10% off all food, drink, cue merchandise and table time, excluding existing offers and promotions.

You can sign up by messaging the Silktown Snooker Club page or by texting 07944653081. We will send you the information required and account details as payment needs to be made before booking. The reason for members only is due to the government requiring us to have everyone’s information to abide by guidelines.

Outside and inside space usage

Those who are looking to come down for a drink only, will be seated outside. Inside will only be used for those who play snooker, pool or darts. Please be aware that there will be a booking process in place so we can account for the amount of customers on site. This will be for booking outside booths/pods, as well as those who want to play snooker, pool and darts.

Bookings for the below outside seating areas are as follows:

  • 6 heated pergola pods seating up to a maximum of 6 each ( recommended capacity if you’re from the same household ) 3 if 1 metre distancing

  • 1 large pod seating up to a maximum 12 (6 with 1 metre distancing)

  • 4 benches seating up to a maximum of 6 each (4 if 1 metre distancing)

  • 5 seating areas up to a maximum of 4 people with 1 metre distancing

  • A chill area which can seat up to 3 people

Outdoor rules

Everyone drinking outside must be seated. We will do table service which will be card payments only. All drinks will be served in disposable plastic cups.

Bookings for snooker/pool/darts:

  • 4 snooker tables

  • 5 pool tables

  • 2 darts boards

Inside rules

We will be allowing a maximum of 4 players per snooker/pool tables and 2 players for darts boards. We are confident this can be done in line with the governments 1 metre plus guidelines.

If inside, there will be a one way system, entering through the front entrance and existing via the pool room door.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser will be accessible in the porch entrance and on every pool and snooker table inside. Staff members will be wearing gloves at all times.

Maximum 2 hour bookings

With bookings in pods/booths and for snooker/pool/darts, you will only be able to book for a maximum of 2 hours. If you are later than 10 minutes late for your booking then you will lose it and your slot will become available. With the outside seating, if you want to book longer than 2 hours, you will need to pay £5 to reserve the seating for as long as you want. For the snooker/pool tables, bookings will need to be prepaid.


If there are any regular members, just need to be aware that no tabs are being allowed currently and that all payments need to be made via card.

We hope to see you soon

With everything that has been put in place, we hope that customers feel comfortable coming to socialise at the club again.

Any questions/ table or outside seating bookings or membership enquiries please message 07944653081 or message the Silktown Snooker Club Facebook page.

We hope to see you all soon!

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