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New Club Rules: Government guideline changes


Now this is the story all about how, Our lives got flipped, turned upside down, And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there So I can tell you how we’re going to run whist your under our care.

In early hours of the morning, all our staff have liaised, To work out how we’ll make the most of our days, Cleaning up, grafting, creating a new cool Trying to do our best working with the new rules. We need to work wearing masks but to make it all fair, Now so do you until you’re seated in your chair. You must scan our QR code so we know you are here, And only until then will we serve you a beer. It’s still groups of 6 so please don’t bring more, We don’t want to have to show your extra mate the door. Don’t be down hearted about the 10pm curfew, We are just going to open a bit earlier for you. On weekdays it’s 2 and we’ll close at 10, Then a 12pm start at the weekend. We’re still taking just bookings but we have a request, Can you book before 8pm and we’ll do the rest. It’s table service so please don’t wander around, Because it’s like chasing toddlers around a playground. We know that it’s hard when you’ve had a beer, But if you play by the rules we won’t be doing this next year. We’ve provided entertainment and we’ll keep providing more, Because we believe you can still have fun but it’s safer outdoor. So if early doors drinking become the new ways, Then we’ll adapt and make it so you don’t pine the old days. It’s just a really hard time for every pub......

But that’s why I became the fresh princess of a snooker club

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